[Gpdd] (Announcement) New Addition

Stacy Harvey ckrtsqrl2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 15 20:26:08 EST 2004

Hey all! I just wanted to announce that we have a new
member added to the Squee Squad. His name is
Pinkerton, and he's an adorable gray and white,5
week-old Rex. I am hoping that he well be a buddy for
Oscar, as Oscar has gotten quite skittish since his
brother Felix died. Does anyone have any suggestions
for introducing the two? I have had them both out on
the couch together, but Oscar is such a scaredy-cat
that he ran away from the baby. How long should I wait
before putting them in the cage together? I've never
introduced potential cagemates before.

Jason- if by barbering, you mean Princess is grooming
excessively and pulling out some hair, that's pretty
normal. It's part of the nesting behavior. Just keep
an eye out that she doesn't lose hair in big patches-
that could indicate parasites or some vitamin

Sue- I have two pigs that like to lick our hands and
faces during cuddle time. I read somewhere that it's
kinda like mutual grooming behavior... you're
"grooming" Poopsie when you pet her, so she "grooms"
you back by licking your hands. My Gizmo does this all
the time, and Serendipity especially likes to lick my
nose when I come in from the cold (Jason- you got room
for 8 piggies and 1 slave? I want to come back to
Hawaii, Maryland sucks! hehe)

Stacy and the Squee Squad
(Gizmo, Max, Serendipity, Maxine, Teddy, Oscar,
Williepig...and introducing Pinkerton)
Remembering Always Cosmo, Gita and Felix

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