[Gpdd] Care--Exercise

Debbie Ganley debg43 at ij.net
Wed Mar 17 00:10:50 EST 2004

Get rid of that exercise ball!  GP backs are not meant to bend that way & they can break their backs if they're put in a ball!  I have no idea why pet shops sell the balls big enough to put a GP in, or why pet manufacturers make them.  They're not hamsters & can't use them.  

GP's are not meant to walk on leashes--I live in Florida & I don't allow Potter to be out in the evening, when she might like to take a walk & get some fresh air--prey animals & birds are out at dusk & those are the ones who would just love to scoop up a GP & carry her away as food.  If you want to do some toys, stuff a sock with bedding, or stuff an empty toilet paper tube with hay--great, cheap toys that GP's love.   Let your pig run around the house, as long as it's pig-proofed (go to www.cavycages.com for some great tips)  Deb & Potter

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