[Gpdd] Re:(ANNOUNCEMENT) Guinea pig from pet store update

LAWeaver1 at aol.com LAWeaver1 at aol.com
Fri Mar 19 01:12:54 EST 2004

Hi all,

Thanks so much to everyone for all the replies I received in response to the 
problem with the guinea pig, I'm not sure why the digest said to email me 
directly but oh well =-)

An update to the situation:  I did go back to the pet store and picked up not 
only the baby pig(who was right back out on the floor for sale again the very 
next morning), but also the two adult males who were being housed with the 
rabbits and were probably going to end up as snake food.  The two males ended up 
going down to the guinea pig rescue here that we have in Colorado after 
talking to the wonderful lady that heads up the rescue, and the little baby has 
ended up staying with me.  After a stop at the emergency vet on the way home(lol, 
ending up with the million dollar piggie here), and a month quarantine away 
from my other three he'll hopefully join the group without too much fuss.  Now 
I just have to find a name for the little one.  Any suggestions?  He's 
Himalayan checking through my books), has longish hair that's incredibly soft, and 
already a personality to reckon with is emerging.  He's so funny, when he's 
being held he wants to be constantly pet and scratched, and flops on his belly 
with legs sprawled out when his wish is granted.  However, he becomes quite 
indignant and is very vocal about it if you ignore him.  

& Boris, Eugene, Mattie, and the little (temporarily) nameless guy.

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