[Gpdd] [ANNOUNCEMENT] New Babies! (Long...)

Crystal Lewis crystlew33 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 20 20:27:18 EST 2004

Hello Everyone!

I am so pleased, in fact I'm just about to burst with joy, to announce the
arrival of two new babies to my home and heart!

This morning two 3 month old boys came home with me and they are beauties!
 They are brothers who have lived together since birth so they are
currently housed together.  Although, even though the pet store sexed them
and I sexed them I am still concerned that I am wrong! One is absolutely a
boy but the other, who has the classic "i" looks slightly different.  They
both exhibit typical boy behaviour including rubbing their butt along the
cage to leave their scent... Do girls do that?  I've always had boys so I
am not familiar with female behaviour.  In any case I sexed them with the
help of the Guinea Lynx and Cavy Spirit sites...

Anyhow... I am just about beside myself with happiness. After losing
Quincy and Spike I had been so lonely without a piggie to love.  Now I
have two beautiful snuggly boys!  They are both so friendly and tame and
seem to love being snuggled!  They are both great eaters (they've already
tried and approved corn husk, broccoli greens, green string beans and
carrots) and drinkers.  They seem quite happy to be here and together.  In
fact I was holding one and the other went crazy running around until I put
them together again.

Now for some help... these beautiful boys are nameless!  I've though of
Frankie and Johnny, Orville and Wilbur, Buddy and Pal, but nothing is
grabbing me.  I am stumped!  They both have some abby markings... most
interestingly they appear to have whirls around their eyes... it makes
them look like they have horns like a unicorn.  One is mostly white with a
black spot on his left hind quarter.  The other is brown, ginger, and
white.  In addition to the "horn" between his eyes his fur comes out in
peaks on his cheeks give him an extremely fluffy appearance.  He has a
very colourful face, he has agouti colouring around one eye
(brown/ginger), pure ginger around the other eye, his snout is white with
a smudge of ginger.  His hair is odd though... he has some hair that it 2
inches longer that the rest... kind of tufts of 7 hairs here and there.

One other question... when I was doing a heath check on the I found the
one with the ginger, brown and white hair was impacted.  I cleaned things
out for him but he is the first impacted boar I have ever had.  None of my
other boys ever got impacted.  Isn't 3 mos too young for that?  Should I
be concerned or could this have just been something that got caught up in
there built up? 

There are so many wonderful things to experience!  I've never had two
piggie who shared a habitat before.  It is interesting to watch them play
and eat together!  I am so excited to watch them!

Sorry to write such a long post but I am just so excited!

Crystal... slave to nameless one and two
Remembering always, my angels, Tribble, Quincy & Spike

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