[Gpdd] HEALTH - Diet choices

Susan Eastin susan at boatlift.com
Tue Mar 23 14:50:29 EST 2004

Hi Diane-
Sounds like your piggies,like mine, are
well-fed (ok, spoiled!). I only give the
OP's the tops of celery, I read somewhere
that the stalks have little nutritional
value plus you have to remove the strings.
We just have the tops occasionally.
But I am curious - what is/are courgettes?
I've never heard of that/them ?????
It's funny how different piggies have such
different likes and dislikes. I read about
many piggies who love green peppers and 
oranges and kale. Not these guys! They will
sniff green pepper then push it out of the
way, take a bite or two of cucumber or kale
and then leave it. They've finally decided 
thin slices of tomato are ok, but don't get 
near them with oranges or any citrus fruit! 
Or banana or pears, for that matter.  They 
don't seem to like any soft fruit. But they 
actually act insulted if I get any citrus 
fruit near them! 
They do love their parsley, and must have it
daily. They will stand on their heads for it
(well, ok, it is the other end, but they are
vertical!)They go wild for clover or grass,
and are fanatics about chewing on anything
plastic! I have to really watch them. Just
this morning CP started trimming the same
kite Snowy was working on last week. I don't 
know why, I thought it looked fine before,
but it has another 'decorative edge' now.
Their kites are made of colored paper (from
newspaper inserts), flying above the condo
on stiff wire 'strings', so they stay 'aloft'
but have some 'bounce' to them. This is the
second time they've pulled one down - silly
Susi & the Okie Piggies
Snowy, CocoPuff and Lil' Whistle 

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