[Gpdd] MISC: Lost information

Susan Eastin susan at boatlift.com
Tue Mar 23 18:38:19 EST 2004

Hello all Pigs and Piggers-
For some as yet unknown reason, I suddenly lost
my hard drive. Hopefully this had nothing to do
with the various viruses and other maladies floating
around the web these days (I had started getting 
those error messages again late last week when I
would submit something to post on the digest). Has
anyone else here had a similar experience? Hopefully
not, probably something totally unrelated.
What is still bothering me, however, is the complete
loss of all my information!  Lately I had been thinking
I should save some bits of info - documents, addresses,
etc., but had not gotten around to it. As time permits,
I will try to regain as much of this info as possible.
I can scan the Archives, gather addresses, etc. I am
trying to re-assemble my Favorites/Bookmarks (a good
many of them piggie-related.) 
So this is both a warning (be sure to save your info)
and a request. Some of you have sent me precious
pigtures recently, which I had added to my WebShots
collection so I could see Piglet and KC and Miss
Ferguson and Dash and so many others whenever I looked
up. If you have sent me a link or pigture, perhaps you
could send it again, off digest, and I promise to save
Wheeks to all-
Susi & the Okie Piggies
Snowy, CocoPuff and Lil' Whistle 

Susi & the Okie Piggies
Snowy, CocoPuff and Lil' Whistle 

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