[Gpdd] Health: Grease Gland

Heather Cougar heather.cougar at simmons.edu
Thu Mar 25 16:07:14 EST 2004

Niles also has a "grease spot" with loose hair, and I remove 
greasy hair clumps periodically to try to keep the area cleaner. 
It doesn't seem to have an ill effect on him or be the result of 
a rash or anything.

I think some of the "clumps" happen because shed hair gets stuck 
in the grease spot instead of falling off. Then more grease 
sticks, and more hair sticks, and... 

When I'm checking for excess grease, I find that if I pull 
gently at any clumpy-feeling bits most of them remove easily 
without hurting the pig, and this leaves the general area 
cleaner as well. Sometimes they also fall off on their own, but 
not very often. 

Because the grease is so thick in consistency (it reminds me of 
mink oil, I could probably waterproof my shoes with it!) it is 
difficult to wash off in the bath, and I usually have to either 
pick it off or attack the area with some Kleenex.

Heater (and Niles)

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