[Gpdd] [BEHAVIOR] male vs female behavior

lisa.sharpcrew.com lisa at sharpcrew.com
Fri Mar 26 10:54:23 EST 2004

I am curious...I noticed a post a little while back that mentioned their
piggie dragging it's butt on the ground.  They thought is was more male
behavior.  I have a female that does this as well.  Maybe it's just piggies
in general that mark their territory that way.

Also, does anyone else have a pig that squirts pee on them when you try to
pick them up?  Fuzzy does this and it annoys me to no end.  She sees me
coming with the hands (now mind you, I am talking very nice to her and have
just pet her on the nose) and she turns her rear end to me, sticks as high
in the air as she can and - squirt, squirt - she gets me!  Didn't know that
was a defense for piggies but, judging by the timing of it, it must be a way
to ward of the enemies.  "Uh oh, here comes trouble.  I'll give it a squirt
of pee and it will run in fear!!"  Silly piggy.  As soon as she is picked up
she is happy as a lark (and sings like one too!).  I'd love to hear if this
happend to any other slaves and if your piggies are male or female.  Boy
would my face be red if I had a male!!!

Lisa Sharp
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