[Gpdd] Announcement: 3 new pigs

Dawnda Stricklen dawndastricklen at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 27 12:51:05 EST 2004


I'm all excited about my new resqued pigs. I picked
three females from the 100 that was in a barn in
Athens, Ohio. (A big thanks to Alge for e-mailing me,
because I was behind on my digest.) I have three so
this makes six. I think two of the girls are pregnant.
I'm excited about that too. I haven't had a guinea pig
have babies since I was in grade school. Many, many
moons ago! 
The elderly couple that couldn't take care of all the
guinea pigs were going to let them all go for SNAKE
FOOD!!! How horrible! I had to help out some. My
husband just rolled his eyes. I made a big new cage
and I bought a big igloo for a rabbit. I hadn't seen
one of these before. All three girls can fit in this
one. My husband made wooden pig houses too. I'm trying
to get him to make them and sell them on e-bay. 
The girl that resqued them is still in high school and
she is going to register as a resque as soon as she
turns 18. She has done a wonderful job of organizing
piggy trains to several different states. She has to
use all her money on her pigs. I don't know how she
does it. It cost a lot of money to keep that many
pigs. She usually keeps around 30 pigs in cube cages.
She had 60 yesterday, but she has another pig train
going out tomorrow. She personally delivered my 3 to
my house. She is doing a great job!!!
One of my girls is an American crested tri-color named
Brandi, one is a small cream and white Abyssinian
names Kali, and the other is Kali's half-sister or
maybe her mother. She is a cream Abyssinian named
Katie. Katie feels pregnant, but no movement yet. Kali
may be pregnant even though she is very young. These
two were housed together so I wanted to keep them
together. They have mites and static lice, but they
look really good for not being cared for properly. I'm
working on getting pictures to put on my webpage of



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