[Gpdd] [BEHAVIOR] <piggy attitude>

ALLISON allison.nikki at conwaycorp.net
Sun Mar 28 15:39:56 EST 2004

I have 2 piggys, both males and one of them is I guess u call him a non self silky. Well he is the dominate one. He has always had an attitude. He cant stand for me to move his bedding around or pick something up in front of him or he bites me. He also Will Not let me pick him up out of his cage unless the top of his cage is completly off. He bites alot and brings blood. Also when he eats sometimes he coughs or it sounds like he choaks. but he seems to be ok. Is he just eating too fast? My other piggy doesnt do any of that.He is very laid back except he is extremly skiddish and evertime we even move in the room or raise a hand or anything he runs as fast as he can into his house. You would think he would be used to us by now. If you have any advice on any of this please let me know. 

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