[Gpdd] Care - Bedding

Griffin, Diane Diane.Griffin at uk.ngrid.com
Mon Mar 29 03:29:03 EST 2004

It's true we are slaves to eating machines. My boys love curly kale, and
even had some rocket at the weekend, which they gobbled down. I only gave
them a bit as I didn't want to upset their tummies. I also found some
dandelion leaves which they seem to suck/swallow down like a long piece of
I have also been giving them lots more hay, after checking out what you all
had to say , I don't think I was giving them enough. I've also cut right
back on the celery I give them.

I had them in a lot over the weekend, they sit in their indoor basket for
whilst I potter about doing my jobs. Sometimes Oscar jumps out to have a run
around, but yesterday when I looked, they were being too cute for words. At
one end of the basket their is piece of wood, to provide a little shelter
otherwise its totally open.
They were snuggled up together, Quentin was pretty much asleep and Oscars
eyes were looking very droopy. They looked so adorable I could have cried.

Anyway bedding - I use newspaper, as a base which is cheap as we get a lot
of free papers and tend to buy broadsheets, so it's also good for the
environment, as we are recycling, sprinkle some sawdust then top with straw.
We are lucky as I've said before, as we get our straw for free. do you know
any farmers, or maybe there is someone nearby who you could buy a bale from,
we keep ours in the garage and are still on our first bale. We got it about
6 months ago and probably clean out the pigs twice a week.

Better get back to work
Take care lots of love and wheeeeks

Oscar Quentin and D


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