[Gpdd] Health: poos half out

Chizeck, Susan P chizeck at utdallas.edu
Mon Mar 29 16:13:11 EST 2004

About Lauren's comment about poo, below...  I've noticed Mattie often
has poo hanging out when I go to pick him up.  I guess he is a slow
poo-er and takes his time.  I never see this in my girl Obie.  Glad to
know other piggies do this too.




As long as I'm talking about butt-related things, I've noticed lately
thtat Pooh Bear is walking around with a poo halfway out of his bum.
I've never noticed this before. Is he just getting lazy? Has anyone else
noticed this in their pigs? His "intake" and "output" levels are normal,



Lauren, Piglet and Pooh Bear



Susan P. Chizeck


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