[Gpdd] Re: [CARE] skin under their feet

Susan Eastin susan at boatlift.com
Tue Mar 30 15:07:22 EST 2004

Are these spurs you are talking about the same as
callouses? CP has had little bits of skin between
the pads on his front feet, which I was told are
callouses. I have trimmed them back slightly a
couple times, but they continue to grow. I plan
to have the vet take a look later this week when
he goes in for his 'pedicure'. A couple times they
have even come off in the bath, when I can get him
to soak his front feet a while.
When I think of spurs, I think of bone.
I'll report back when I see what the good dr has
to say.
Susi and the OP's
(this subject line cracks me up for some reason, it
makes me think of that line from the Beatles song -
'he's got feet down below his knees')  ;-)

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