[Gpdd] announcement: animal abuse and other

Susan Glancy sglancy at pinn.net
Sun Oct 3 19:49:31 EDT 2004

Someone asked if the breeder was "turned in" on that puppy mill abuse 
situation.  I would really like to know what happened afterwards myself.  
Were the pups OK?  Is the breeder out of business?  What part of the country 
was it in?  I'm going to see if I can get any information myself and will 
pass along if I do.  I can't get the image out of my mind of that sweet, 
innocent dog's face and her beautiful, sad and desparate eyes...

On a happier note...we have unexpectedly added another member to our guinea 
pig family.  We were in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend visiting 
my parents and we brought our kids by the new SPCA there.  It was funded by 
Rural Development and is a wonderful facility.  Well, of course we all 
headed for the small animal room to see some piggies since we missed ours so 
much.  The shelter had recently had 25 pigs dropped off outside their front 
door and they had about 8 pigs left that had not been adopted.  I think the 
eight left had been in the shelter about a month.  Well, we saw this 
adorable solid tan (or rust) little girl in a cage with 2 other girls.  We 
all fell in love with her.  She looked at us with her big black eyes and we 
couldn't resist!  The three in the cage were all somewhat thin and their 
hair was sort of dull but they seemed healthy otherwise.  The SPCA workers 
said that they were not sure if any of the females are pregnant b/c they 
were all (males and females) in a box together.  We'll take our chances and 
find good homes if it comes to that.  So, we drove her 3 hours back to our 
house today.  She's in the cage with our 3 other girls and they are 
exhibiting the normal dominance behaviors.  Actually, our youngest (prior to 
our new girl who is probably about 4-6 months) is "picking on her" the 
most.  Our oldest and biggest, Poopsie, is actually being protective towards 
our new girl who my son has named Sarah.  So, hopefully the transition will 
go well.  

I do have a question...we did not quarantine Sarah.  She seems healthy and I 
did not see any visible signs of health issues.  We put her in the cage 
after a brief introduction on "nuetral" ground.  If she were to have mites 
is this something I would be able to see?

Thanks for the help...I told my kids we are going to have to stop going to 
the SPCA b/c we don't have enough room for another!  But, I just can't help 
myself :)

Sue, Sniffles, Red Archery Girl, Poopsie and Sarah  

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