[Gpdd] HEALTH: Bumblefoot questions

Paul & Vicki cavyphile at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 7 15:00:43 EDT 2004

I took Sundae to the vet on Tuesday because her front feet seemed redder than usual.  The vet's diagnosis was bumblefoot.  (She actually used the medical term for it.)  Sundae is now separated from her two daughters and is housed on towels that are changed twice a day.  She can see them so I hope that the separation will not be as difficult for her.

The vet suggested soft paper bedding so we bought a bag of Carefresh Ultra at Petsmart.  It cost $30 for a 50 liter bag!  (The vet knows that we have her on towels.  We bought the bedding "just in case" we needed it at some point.  At that price, I hope "just in case" doesn't happen frequently.)  

We also have a medicated-type soap to soak her feet in once a day and Baytril to take twice a day.  She also asked me to give Sundae yogurt to keep the good bacteria alive in her stomach.  I've been mixing the Baytril with some baby food for flavoring since I bought the plain kind.  

My questions are:
    1.  How long (in your experience) will it take for her feet to heal?  I've been waiting to look at her feet so hopefully I'll be able to see a difference.
    2.  She's also supposed to lose 4 ounces of weight.  How long will that take?
    3.  Someone mentioned buying a large quantity of syringes.  Where could I get syringes that small?  The vet gave me a few but I would like to keep some on hand since Sundae really bites at the syringe.  I don't have very many at the moment.
    4.  The vet gave me tablets to crush and mix with grape or strawberry jelly.  I've been doing that but I have a hard time getting it in the little 1 cc syringes that they gave me unless I add water.  (One reason why I want to get a supply of syringes.)  Anyone have any ideas about that?  
    5.  When Sundae has lost her weight, I'm going to ask the vet if I can put her back in the cage with her two daughters (they are all fully grown).  If she's not over her bumblefoot then, I'll put all of them on towels until Sundae's feet are healed.  Sundae was the "pig in charge" if you know what I mean.  I realize there will probably be some reestablishing of the pecking order but what should I really expect?  Is there any groundwork that I need to do ahead of time?

Vicki, Paul, and the "Girls" -- Sundae, Vanilla, and Cocoa

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