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This is true, and it's important to make sure that a
pet store you patronize is not abusive toward their
animals. But the example in the link from the PETA
site, http://www.peta.org/feat/napd/ , it was not a
store that was treating its animals poorly but it was
the supplier of the animals for several PETCO's as
well as many other pet stores in the midwest. Even if
all of those stores treated their animals well inside
the store itself, because they bought animals from a
large-scale breeder and did not have a policy of
adequately inspecting that breeder, every pig
purchased from those stores gave more incentive for
the breeder to continue breeding animals in horrible

I guess my point is that even if a store keeps its
animals in the best of conditions and pays for vet
care, if you don't know where the animals came from,
you can't assure that buying an animal from that store
wouldn't support cruel practices such as the horrible
crimes shown in the expose. All big chain pet stores
and most small pet stores get their animals shipped to
them from large-scale breeders.

I did note that since there had been a lot of media
hype on the incident, the PETCO involved has since
suspended its use of that breeder.



I understand there are some bad pet stores and good
pet stores. Most
people that want a Guinea pig will usually go to a pet
store and I see
nothing wrong with that, I got mine at Petco and she
is fine. I have
heard lots of horrible things that happen to animals
at pet stores and
yes it is true but not all pet stores. It just depends
on who is in
charge and how much they care for the animals and you
need to find a
good one in your area. Not all Petco stores are the
same; some employees
know a lot about the animals and care for them. On the
other hand some
just think of the animals as a way to make a little
money and if they
are sick they will find the cheapest way to dispose of
it or ignore
them. Just know that where ever you go to buy a pet,
if it's a large are
small pet store, be sure to know the employees and how
the management
runs the pet section. If they seem caring and know
their knowledge than
it should be fine. Many Petco stores and even Petsmart
stores may be in
trouble for how they treat the animals but there are
so many of these
stores and I don't want you guys to think they are all
horrible places
to buy a pet.

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