[Gpdd] Health: Mr. Cooders has a rough patch on the lower lip

Algernon07 at aol.com Algernon07 at aol.com
Tue Oct 12 19:08:58 EDT 2004

Hi Every Person and Every Pig,
       Mr. Cooders has a rough patch on what would be his right side  of his 
lower lip. Sounds like vet time and scares me, of course. I am ashamed to 
admit that the first time I noticed this (it felt like a bit of dried food) was 
the same evening that I first realized that something was wrong with Ebeneezer 
       Last night Cooders and I were playing and I was trying to persuade him 
to take a part of a vit. C tablet (gee, I must really trust that Mr. Cooders 
to keep trying to pop it into his mouth by hand, getting past the front 
teeth). He kept spitting it back out tho so my bravery was for naught. However, the 
rough place is still there and obviously, it is not dried food.
       I've thought of piercing a vitamin E capsule and putting a bit of the 
oil in the capsule on it -- vit E does tend to normalize skin cells I've been 
       Anyway, any ideas, Friends?
       Thanks  for any and all help and suggestions.

Alge and the Jolly Rodents, All 4 of them!! (plus their fallen comrade, the 
Jolliest of of Rodents, Ebeneezer WoollyBear, now part of the welcoming 
committee at the Bridge)

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