[Gpdd] Health: Re: Cucumbers

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 09:16:24 EDT 2004

Hey Carrie!
I used to give Brownie Bear one cucumber slice
per day (and I had to dice it up and serve it
gourmet-syle on a mini-plate because that's the
way my Master likes it! ha ha)

But, I stopped giving them to BBear a few months
back because there were some concerns about giving
them to our piggies. Plus, that Marion made me
Paranoid (because her German advisors warned her
about cucumbers). [Marion, why are you Always
causing Trouble?!?!? heeeee heeeee]

Well, I started feeling bad about taking the
cucumbers out of BBear's diet, so now, I give
her a slice about once every 2 wheeeeeks. And
hopefully, it's like most veggies we feed our
piggies--if you give them to much of ANYTHING,
it could be bad. Moderation is the key...

     Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeeps,
           Leah...Slave to BB & BS :-) 

I have a question.  My pigs love cucumber, but I'm
afraid I may be over doing it.  They all split one
cucumber each a day.  Is this bad?

Carrie, Perdy, Caramel, Joanna, Cliff, Clare and
George the rabbit

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