[Gpdd] Health: Brownie Bear has gained weight...Yikes!

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 10:25:01 EDT 2004

Hello Slaves!
Well, I shouldn't have bragged a few wheeks
ago about Brownie Bear getting back down to
her college weight of 2.8 lbs. Because, ever
since Butterscotch has been living with us,
she has been putting on more weight. (???)
Last night, I put her on the kitchen scale
and she weighed in at 2.9 lbs...Yikes!

It's strange, but it's almost like she was
trying to trim down for the new boy piggie.
But then once she realized that he wasn't the
'Boy Piggie of Her Dreams', she stopped caring
and started Eating...and Eating...and EATING.

I also get the funny feeling that she's trying
to 'BEEF UP' for the Big Fight with B'scotch.
So, she can kick his butt.

Also, check this out, I have them in separate
cages, a 4x2 C&C cage and a 3x2, and I switch
them back and forth. B-Bear gets the big cage
during the day cuz she poops a lot more and
then B'scotch will get the big cage at night.
And I take turns letting them both be free-range.
When I let them have free-range time together,
I stay close to B-Bear cuz she's easier to
catch and contain (since she's so Plump). And
Brownie is so Clever, cuz if she thinks for a
second that I'm not paying attention, she will
try to get to Butterscotch so she can bite him.
But, I'm always watching her (even if it looks
like I'm not), and I always get to her in time.

I don't have to syringe-feed B-Bear water anymore
because now she is drinking 4+ ounces per day.
I'm only syringing her once a wheeeeek (to keep
her used to the practice). And I also syringe
B'scotch water once a wheeeeek and he takes the
syringe like a CHAMP (just like his Sis, B-Bear).

Daddy Slave and I thought about stacking their
cages on top of each other, but we decided against
that because we want them both to be able to run
in and out of their cages during free-range time.
So, we are thinking about building a 6x2 C&C cage
and dividing it down the middle. But, we'll see...

Well, I better run!

       Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeeps,
         Leah...Slave to BBear & B'scotch :-)

P.S. Marion, I have a bunch of pic's of Butterscotch
that I need to download, edit, resize, etc. and I
will send ya some. But, really, I think the Digest
is READY for a new website featuring the Sassy
Brownie Bear & Newbie Boy Butterscotch, so be on
the Look Out!! :-)

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