[Gpdd] Announce: Happy Birthday CECELIA!!!

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 11:02:59 EDT 2004

Hey Meredith!
I just wanted to Wish your Lil' Piggie
Cecelia a HAPPY 1 Year BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Yippee! Sounds like she had quite the
Party. Fun Fun Fun!

I was also wondering if you had decided
to get Cecelia a little friend??? I would
think that it would be easier to introduce
a younger piggie to a new piggie. But,
don't quote me on that (cuz I've had solo
piggies up until now). And Brownie Bear
was an only-pig for 2 years/9 months and
spoiled ROTTEN, so she's Very Used to being
Number ONE. Plus, I've babied her so, and
God knows that she doesn't like to Share
(especially her Mommy Slave).

So, hopefully, if you did decide to get
Lil' Cecelia a piggie friend, things will
go smoothly. Keep us Posted!!

      Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeps,
        Leah...Slave to BB & BS :-)

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