[Gpdd] Health: Re: piglet's red pee / Shilintong

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 15 09:40:13 EDT 2004

Oh No! We definitely don't wanna see any red
urine coming out of our Babies. I'm assuming
that you haven't heard Piglet whining or crying
while she urinates, right? And I'm sure you've
already checked this, but was her bottom wet?
or did she have any whitish-colored discharge
down there? I have to wipe Brownie Bear's
bottom about once a wheeeeek because she gets
that discharge (since she's a sludge piggie).

Well, I know that you know the Drill: Urinalysis
and X-rays. The first thing you wanna do is
rule out bladder stones. And I know you feed
your piggies the proper things in proper
proportions, so I would be Shocked if she had
stones. But, you know as well as I do that
some piggies are just prone to getting stones
because of heredity, etc. That Sucks.

Anyways, I Really hope your Piglet is okay.
God knows I don't want to see any of our piggies
with stones--it's so frickin' scary. Oh, but
here's that website that sells Shilintong:


Either do a Search for 'Shilintong' or
Click on the 'Herbs by Category' tab on the
left. Then click the link for 'Urinary and
Prostate' and then you'll see a pigture of
the Shilintong listed as 'Clear Urinary

It cost me $6.00 for 100 tablets and it was
$6.50 for shipping/handling.
Total cost was $12.50.

Please give your baby, Piglet some Extra
Piggie Hugs 'n Kisses from B-Bear, Butterscotch,
and me and let us know how the Vet appointment

       Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeps,
            Leah...Slave to BB & BS :-)

Leah, I'm hoping you could give me the site that you
got the shilington from? I know I've asked for it
before but this time I think I may need it. I just was
cleaning up from the babies and I noticed Piglet's
urine was pink! I think it was her's; it was near a
pile of her poos. I am taking her to the vet ASAP. I'm
going to try to join the bladderstones mailing list as
well. I'm panicking right now! It's 3am. I'm scared.
Thanks for your help! I have no idea if this could be
bladder stones or a UTI or what.


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