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Mon Oct 18 20:49:20 EDT 2004

Hi, I haven't posted in a while, but I want to let you know that last 
Saturday my darling baby boy, Matisse, went to the rainbow bridge. I am heartbroken. 

Matisse was a wonderful little boy. I adopted him from a cavy rescue about a 
year and a half ago. I went to the rescue "just to look" and as I was leaving 
I heard a loud wheek wheek from the far back corner of the room. Matisse was 
standing on his hind legs, nose in the air, calling to me. He was an older pig, 
tan abssynnian. His little friend, Picasso, had died of a stroke, and so he 
was in extra need of TLC. I took him home that day.   

Matisse suffered from GI stasis about a year ago, and then he developed 
cystitis. He had a stone succesfully removed last april, and then developed another 
stone. He died after his second surgery. The stone was the size of a pea. The 
surgery went really well, but my angel just gave up. 

Matisse leaves behind his friend Neo, our kids, Colin and Isabella, my 
husband shon, and me. He was not really aquainted with our cats, but he had a vague 
association with our bichon frise, Qtip (Qyip has been very upset because I am 

I miss my little tissey more than words. He made my life so special. Thanks 
for being a part of my life, Matisse. I miss you and I love you, forever, baby 

Andrea Martin

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