[Gpdd] Care: Pumpkin seeds

Algernon07 at aol.com Algernon07 at aol.com
Tue Oct 19 19:57:09 EDT 2004

Selena writes: 
> <<< I wouldn't give them to a piggie. They can't hold the seed and rip it 
> apart
> like a hungry hammie.  They'd chew it whole and it may get lodged in their
> mouths or something.>>>

This is an excellent point. No one had ever told me that one didn't eat the 
entire sunflower seed and the outsides (shell) WERE salted, afterall. (enogh 
said?) If such things can get lodged in a human throat, pity the poor hapless GP 
trying to contend with such a seed. 


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