[Gpdd] Re: Announcement: The Rainbow Bridge is never full...

Off1Knight at aol.com Off1Knight at aol.com
Wed Oct 20 21:54:36 EDT 2004

Although our little guy has crossed the bridge, and it is very difficult to 
read of others that have followed, it is just as difficult not to help have 
those that have followed him be remembered. So it is with a heavy heart I offer 
my condolences and deepest regrets to Andrea on the crossing of her very loved 
MATES, to Carrie on the crossing of her very loving GALANT and GEORGE the 
rabbit. To each of them as to me and as to all the readers, the love you have for 
these gifts from God can never be expressed in words, and the loss never can 
be expressed in all the tears it would take to fill an ocean. I know how each 
of you feel and it will get better...SO VERY VERY SLOWLY it will get better, 
bit no matter how much time passes, when your thoughts turn to those wonderful 
little guys, you will once again add to that ocean. Your losses in MATISSE, 
GALANT and GEORGE the Rabbit not impact on each of you but on our family who 
exists here in the GPDD as sure as you are reading this. I discovered this when 
our GEORGE crossed the bridge. And I somehow KNOW that just as I have will make 
every effort to make all of the little girls and boys who have crossed over be 
remembered, I have a feeling GEORGE is at the gate, a welcoming committee of 
sorts to help them across the bridge and show them the way on that side. So I 
know how much you hurt but if you remember GEORGE the guinea pig then KNOW he 
is with MATISSE, GALANT and GEORGE the rabbit as you read this. And as I try 
to make each of them be remembered here, he is making that same effort to 
welcome them there. So once again, please accept my deepest and most sincere 
condolences on the loss of MATISSE, GALANT and GEORGE the rabbit. I know they will 
be as missed but they will never be alone.


Joseph C. Petrillo, GEORGE the guinea pig's daddy

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