[Gpdd] Guinea pig is sick and losing hair

Jarryd D Lunger JarrydD at comcast.net
Thu Oct 21 18:33:14 EDT 2004

Dear GPDD,   

    I got a HUGE problem, I have a 3 month old guinea pig  named Penny, and when I was holding her today and she was MISSING HAIR! she has a chunk gone. a good inch wide and 1/2 inch length. What is it!? Also when I hold her she seems like there is no muscle to her at all. I am REALLY getting freaked out now I have had her and her sister for about a month now. Jenny her sister doesn't seem to be mean so I don't think she chewed or bit it off. I know some guinea pigs get mites. I don't now how she got it and there seems to be a different kinda smell to there cage. Not sure what. I have been giving the girls proper food and water and lots of grass and carrots whats up? should I rush her to the vet ASAP!? Please let me know I just lost a guinea pig in June and I can't afford another one! Please someone help me you can contact me directly at JarrydD at comcast.net Thank you GPDD and I hope to hear from you REAL soon. I love my baby girls so much!

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