[Gpdd] {Announement} New Member

Susan O'Connor soconnor at cancervax.com
Mon Oct 25 11:10:46 EDT 2004

Hello fellow Guinea Lovers,

I just recently found the GPDD, it is so cool!! I love being able to
read everyone's post. It is so much fun realizing that there are other
slaves in the world. :)

I lost my little boy about three weeks ago. His name was Chip, what a
doll!! He went so suddenly that we are still in shock. My husband and I
have decided to foster guineas right now, rather than adopting again. 

We actually had to take our family to the adoption center on Saturday,
one baby was adopted and we had to separate the little boy. Now we only
have two. I can't believe how attached I got in one week. I don't know
if I will be able to give up Momma and baby now, though my husband has
other ideas. :)


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