[Gpdd] Misc: Brownie Bear & Butterscotch

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 11:32:19 EDT 2004

Hello Slaves!
I'm Glad that many of you liked Butterscotch's
first website and I appreciate all of the kind
comments from you all. And just in case anyone
missed it, here it is one more time...


I haven't even shown it to my family and friends
yet, because I always send it my Piggie people
first (cuz ya'll understand my Wack-o Piggie
Humor). :-)

Anyways, about a wheeeek or so ago, my Darlin'
little piggies had a Fight. Yes, it's true. And
I'm sure you know who started it: Brownie Bear.
Well, the night before, I was playing with
Butterscotch in my bedroom and then his Father
called from the airport. And I was so Excited
because Daddy Slave was on his way home. For
all who don't know, Daddy Slave works out of the
home, but he sometimes has to travel for work.
So, anyways, I was talking on the phone and forgot
about B'scotch. So, I looked around (I was on the
floor) and realized that BS sneaked away. So,
I told Daddy Slave to hold on and I ran into
the dining room and found both piggies in B'scotch's
cage (the 2x3 C&C cage). And they were both minding
their own business. B-Bear was in the pigloo and
B'scotch was eating and drinking.

Now, I know what ya'll are thinking if you
saw Butterscotch's website. Cuz in one of the
pic's, both cages are open for free-range. But,
honestly, I don't let them run around free-range
at the same time if I'm not there supervising.
Because BB almost Always tries to bite BS. So,
when I saw them both in BS's cage, I was thinking,
"Hey, this is a Start."

So, the next day, Daddy Slave and I let them both
run around in B-Bear's cage (the 4x2 C&C cage).
And there was the usual teeth chattering and I
would talk to them and them to tell them to settle
down. So, at some point, B-Bear was in the grassy hut
and B'scotch kept sniffing around it. And then B-Bear
got out of it and B'scotch got in it. And they
were okay for about 30 seconds and then B-Bear
jumps in it with him and ATTACKS him. So, I run
over and lifted the grassy hut and B'scotch went
flying out (a few inches) and B-Bear was just
standing there with some of B'scotch's fur in her
mouth. So, I checked him for bleeding, but there
was none. And boy, was I relieved. So, that was
the end of that session.

Ya know, at this point, I don't care if they
have separate cages. I just want them to be able
to run around free-range together. I've been back
and forth on how I want their permanent areas to
look like, and I've decided to just get another
2x4 C&C cage (from Sue @ Cavycages.com). So, then
maybe every pig feels Equal at that point. I don't
like B'scotch being in the smaller cage because
he is so Active and I want him to have the extra
space to run around and be wild. And I do switch
them back and forth between cages, but I feel like
the piggie in the smaller cage feels cheated. 
Who knows...

Wow! Sorry this was so long. I hope I didn't lose
my audience. :-)

       Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeps,
         Leah...Slave to BB & BS :-)

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