[Gpdd] Misc. {Mouse Traps}

nov17th at juno.com nov17th at juno.com
Wed Oct 27 13:41:55 EDT 2004

Hi Everyone,

I know this is mainly about guinea pigs but I really have to talk to someone about this.

The place I work for has had a terrible problem with mice and rats. We have a few people here who are the neatest and cleanest. Well they put down some mouse traps to capture these little guys. I didn't realize what kind they were until it was too late. 

My husband also works with me and finally a mouse was caught. We tried so hard to free the little guy but the mouse traps are the sticky kinds. At first the little guy was only stuck by his foot, then it got worse. My husband took him outside and instead of the mouse jumping to safety he jumped right into the sticky stuff. We tried cutting the trap down but the the more the mouse moved the worse he got. Guys it was so bad, I couldn't do anything to help him. You could tell he was scared and the more he moved the worse off he got. We realized that there was nothing that we could do to help him so my husband put him out of his misery. Not only am I mad that I had to see it, but I am so upset that my husband had to take care of it. 

I at first thought it was my employer who put those horrible things down, but it was actually the Orkin man who gives them to us. I am just appalled that these things are legal. Does anyone know of anything that I can do about it?


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