[Gpdd] (Health) Mite infestation

Rebecca Wilmot rebecca.wilmot at permabondeurope.co.uk
Thu Oct 28 04:11:05 EDT 2004

Hi GP's

I think my poor baby Wilfy has got mange mites. He has been scratching a
lot recently and when I got home from work yesterday his fur looked
disheveled so I took a close look at the area around his neck.

The fur has thinned and the skin looks irritated with small wounds.  It
is amazing that this deterioration has happened so quickly as the day
before the fur was normal.

The pig's daddy is taking him to the vets today whilst I am working. I
presume my other pig, Jimmy, will also need treatment too to curb the
outbreak? Jimmy doesn't seem to scratch that much (due to being such a
big & furry pig he finds it difficult) also his fur hasn't thinned (but
it is so thick in the first place).

Poor Wilf looks so sad.

I have read that the treatment is Ivermectin injections and that keeping
the patient on towels rather than woodshavings is more comfortable until
they recover.  Is there anything else we can do to help reduce the
discomfort and when are the symptoms likely to subside?

>From concerned Mum, Bec.


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