[Gpdd] Misc: Butterscotch...Mr. Personality

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 29 11:31:13 EDT 2004

Hello Slaves!
I just wanted to write a little bit about
Butterscotch. Daddy Slave and I are having
so much Fun with him and he is just hours
and hours of Entertainment. B'scotch is
Very Social and wants to get into everything.
Lately, I've just been leaving his cage open
for free-range and closing up Brownie Bear's
because BBear is lazy and won't leave her
cage much. And that way, I can leave them

Well, B'scotch wants to Explore our whole
Apartment. He runs around and covers as
much area as possible. Sometimes, he runs
into our bedroom and takes a nap under our
bed. BBear would never do that. In fact,
she doesn't like to be too far from her
cage cuz she's like her Mama...a Home Body.

Yesterday, I was getting ready to change
their towels in their cage. So, I walked in
the kitchen and of course, B'scotch starts
running around his cage and making a bunch
of noise. So, when I take the top off of his
cage, he was Standing on TOP of his grassy
hut! ha ha I started laughing hysterically
and couldn't stop. And he just batted those
BIG, Beautiful Brown eyes and looked at me
like there was nothing out of the ordinary
going on. :-)

Also, Butterscotch knows his name and will
come right to you if you call his name and
he'll give your hand piggie kisses. Do ya'll
know how long it took Brownie Bear to come
to me when called?!?!? At least a year, I'll
say that. I mean, it only took this little
fella about a wheeeeeeek.

Butterscotch has such PERSONALITY, I tell ya!

Now, ya'll know I still LOVE my Brownie Bear.
And she has Personality too. She's just a
shy pig, that is Demanding and Sassy! And
she'll Always be my Girl...

       Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeeps,
          Leah...Slave to Brownie Bear
                        & Butterscotch :-)

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