[Gpdd] HEALTH: Bladder Stone Surgery

Pam Bowyer petra-nef at shaw.ca
Fri Oct 29 21:46:58 EDT 2004

	Hi everybody,

	This is simply a request to ask for your prayers. My beloved Penumbra is 
scheduled to go in for surgery next Saturday to remove a bladder stone. 
They also found ovarian cysts and want to remove those as well. She's five 
years old, and I am absolutely terrified that she won't live through the 
surgery or recovery, so I am beseeching prayers on her behalf. I have 
already lost Andromeda, Nebula, and Marigold the hamster this year, and I 
just cannot take the idea of another beloved furbaby going to the Bridge 
prematurely (read:before at least 100 years!). So any prayers you have to 
offer up to the Powers That Be would be gratefully accepted by both of us.

Thank you,

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