[Gpdd] [Misc.] Update on Bubbie

Carrie Mooser ddsaylor20 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 30 15:07:17 EDT 2004

Hi Everyone,
Wanted to say Thank You to everyone for their kind
words about Pig, and an update on Bubbie.  He is doing
much better.  He is brown with a white band around his
middle and he has a bit of red coloring on his
forehead, very odd looking, but I think its cute. The
hair is still a problem, he's medium haired and its
all matted, but we're working on it.  He loves his new
home and even more he loves his new diet! lol!  He has
quickly learned from the other pigs that wheeking in
the morning gets him veggies!  He is still shy, but I
know he'll come around.  I'm hoping after we're sure
he's okay, gotten his hair tamed and he's healthy to
introduce him to Cliff and see how they get along. 
Can't introduce him to the girls till he gets
neutered.  Don't want any "accidents"!  When I first
got my 2x4 c&c cage I thought it's huge!  Now it's
getting smaller and smaller!  What's a pig to do!
Carrie, Perdy, Caramel, Joanna, Cliff, Clare and Bubbie

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