[Gpdd] Health--Ovarian Cysts

MGandalf43 at aol.com MGandalf43 at aol.com
Sat Oct 30 16:24:43 EDT 2004

Hi all.
   My Truffle may have ovarian cysts, and it seems like I've read conflicting 
advice about whether or not surgery really helps, or is too risky; and 
whether giving hormone injections works to help them.
   If your female is receiving (or has received) hormone injections, will you 
let me know if they help, and if so, give me the name and contact info for 
your vet so my vet can contact him/her?
   Truffle is only two and a half, so she might be strong enough for the 
surgery, but I'm wary of the anesthetic after having had a male piggy die the day 
after having anesthetic for tooth care. Have many of you had good results from 
surgery on your girls? I'm wondering if it's kinder to leave them alone?
   Pam-- I'll definitely keep you and Penumbra in my prayers for next 

                                        Thanks!  Mary Ann, Truffle and Mocha

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