[Gpdd] Misc: New Member to my Family

Dawnda Stricklen dawndastricklen at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 30 22:38:18 EDT 2004

Hello Everyone

A male chinchilla came to live with me today. The
people were moving and didn't want to take him with
them. I bought him for $50.00 which is a good price.
Petland wanted $170.00 to special order me one. I
hadn't been able to find on anywhere.
He is 2 1/2 years old and very friendly. He is gray
and I'm trying to think of a name for him. I bought a
Leo Braun wheel for him from Chin World. It is the
Cadillac of chinchilla wheels at a whopping $99.00. It
has barrings and it was so heavy I could hardly hold
it up to fasten it to the cage. He is running in it
right now. I just hope my husband doesn't ask me how
much I paid for it. Ha! Ha!
A chinchilla lives as long as a dog, so I won't have
to say good-bye as soon as all my guinea pigs. The
oldest living chinchilla on record was 30 years old.
They are a lot like a guinea pig, except they are
noctural and jump around. I think he is going to be



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