[Gpdd] HEALTH: Urinary Tract Infections

Candy G. crawdad1953 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 25 17:25:49 EDT 2005

Lauren -

Mollie had a severe bladder/urinary tract infection during her first bladder 
stones episode.  Oral Baytril didn't touch it.  She was started on a "low 
dose" injection of Baytril.  That didn't touch it.  Then she went on the 
"high dose" injection of Baytril and that knocked it out.  The vet said that 
many vets are hesitant to give the high dose but that sometimes that is what 
is needed to stop the infection and that the high dose is safe for GP's.  
Mollie did not have any ill effects from the dosage, but Baytril is a harsh 
medication and she did have a small amount of tissue damage eventually at 
the injection sites.  That cleared up within two weeks and did not seem to 
bother her a great deal.  I don't know whether or not this will help you, 
but I thought I'd send it along.  I know how desperate it can feel to have a 
sick piggie and not know what to do or whether you are doing the right 
thing.  I will be keeping both of you in my heart and thoughts.

Candy; Topper and Mollie

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