[Gpdd] [RAINBOW BRIDGE] Condolences for Lasher

DebJonSara at aol.com DebJonSara at aol.com
Sat Apr 1 03:55:36 EST 2006

Laken, please accept our sincere condolences on the sudden departure for  The 
Rainbow Bridge of your beloved Lasher. I always maintain that the pain of  
losing a piggie never goes away. If they die slowly, after a long struggle, you  
torment yourself wishing you had given them up sooner and spared them the  
suffering during those last days when you think you can save them and keep them. 
 But if they die suddenly, like your Lasher and my Chestnut last year, you  
torment yourself thinking you must have missed some subtle sign of illness 
which  maybe you could have treated had you noticed it. Either way, I always end 
up  feeling guilty, and also, which is worse, with that terrible emptiness and 
sense  of loss. Having other piggies doesn't really help that much, because 
they are  all individuals with their own little personalities and winning ways, 
and you  miss the specific personality traits of the little furbie that has 
just  departed.
I am so glad, however, that Lasher left you with some babies that are like  
him. That must surely be of some comfort. I have an elderly piggie at present  
who was recently diagnosed with a terminal and untreatable combination of  
conditions (Cannelle, the one that got stuck in the house window earlier this  
year), and although I shall miss her terribly when she goes, I hope will find  
some comfort in the fact that we will still have her daughter and two sons to  
remember her by.
All of us who subscribe to the gpdd understand the pain you are going  
through. Don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you "it was just a guinea  pig", 
because we all know so very much different. You have lost a beloved member  of 
your family, and you are entitled to grieve. May it give you a tiny shred of  
comfort to know that someone far away on another continent, here in France,  
understands how you are feeling, and cares.
Debbie and the 17 Dolly Mixtures

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