twigg1 at comcast.net twigg1 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 1 19:43:34 EST 2006

Hi, All !

I've noticed a couple of postings
about coughing; when I first got my
little girl Tanoshii, she would squeak
very loudly when she wanted to eat or 
get my attention, so much so that she 
would start coughing. As she gradually
reslized that I would always respond to
her calls, and made the connection
between squeaking and couughing,she
has since toned down to the point that
a lot times I can barely hear her!

Also, every once in a while, she will 
"choke" on her pellets- her body will jerk
back and forth until she clears her throat,
so to speak, and coughs a few times and 
then is fine. I usually pat her on the back 
while thiis is happening, if I see it.

Hope this has helped. Ty.

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