[Gpdd] Health: Julie's Dougall & His Paralyzed Back Legs

Holly Marr purplecavy at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 2 10:32:42 EDT 2006

Tonight all the food is right in front of my boy so it's easy 
for him to reach.    I am praying when I wake him
tomorrow that he's getting movement back in his legs.
Has anyone else ever had this experience with their furry little mates?
  This was posted on the 20th of March.  Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been on my mail in a long time.  I hope that Dougall is still ok, and has improved!
  One of my piggies has this problem and the diagnosis is Vitamin C deficiancy.  I give 20 - 30 mg of Liquid Vitamin C twice per day, morning and night.  It took a little coaxing at first, but now it is part of the routine and as soon as I pick him up and offer him the dropper, he takes it in his mouth right away.  He went 2 weeks before he was able to properly walk again.  All the while, I fed him extra food separately (he has a brother who is very robust and so eats faster), and the food was chopped fine.  The Vitamin C deficiency also affects their appetite and ability to eat ( the Vet said... ). I guess it's kinda like when you feel sick overall, you don't feel much like eating either.  And the food I fed was: unlimited Parsley leaves ( no stems ), brocolli florets ( no stems, since the majority of the Vit. C is in the florets ), RED bell peppers, Romaine lettuce ( but less than usual, since the other sources were higher in Vit. C ).  I also switched temporarily from
 Timothy Hay which is for adults, to Alfalfa Hay...used for babies and pregnant females.  This has a higher protein amount and is helpful with a sick piggie.  
  I personally spared no expense and was buying Parsley at $1 a bunch every other day, just for him. That's in addition to the Red peppers at $3.99 (sale) to $4.99 (regular non-summer price)  a pound.  No price is too high... 
  Healing Prayers to Dougall.  Again, I hope that he is still ok!
  -holly    " I only have 6 Guinea Pigs "

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