[Gpdd] Health-Hay & 'eye crusty's'

Cyndee CyndeeR at sc.rr.com
Sun Apr 2 13:12:23 EDT 2006

Hello everyone...         

I've been reading all the posts about hay.. I am curious about Bermuda
grass.. Does anyone know any pros or cons regarding Bermuda grass? Ben &
Tommy like Timothy hay but absolutely love Bermuda grass. 


Also, I know that typically piggies eyes should be clear. Im not sure if I
should be worried or not. Ben doesn't have an issue but Tommy has what I
would refer to as 'eye crusty's' every morning. I never see his eyes run &
for the most part always seem normal. Just in the morning he seems to have
what I would compare the same thing that human eyes sometimes have in the
morning. The little bits of yucky stuff.. Any ideas or comments would be


Thanks to all!

Cyndee, Baby Ben & Tommy!



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