[Gpdd] [HEALTH] Popcorn and his tumour

Deborah Tanovich dtanovich at sprint.ca
Sun Apr 2 18:19:33 EDT 2006

Well it's over.  Popcorn had his surgery on Thursday and came through well.  The tumour was larger and deeper than first assumed so my boy has a rather large "Owie".  When the vet called after surgery, they wanted to keep him for another day to be safe, so I agreed.  About three hours later, the vet calls again.  I assumed the worst had happened.  However, she rather gleefully reports to me that Popcorn is "eating like a pig" and did I want to bring him home.  Made it to the vet's in record time.  Apparently, Popsie came out from under, spotted a pile of hay in his enclosure, pulled himself over to it and chowed down.

Right now, as I write, he is quite contented in his cage, noshing on his Broccoli Slaw.  During surgery, the vet took a look at his teeth and found out that 2 of the remaining 3 had fractures and removed them.  Now he's a Snaggletooth Piggie, but hopefully the other teeth will come back in or it's shredded carrots from now on.

He's resting on some old flannel that I had and has to be medicated twice a day, still not fun but he seems resigned to it and enjoys resting on his big fluffy towel after medicine.

Thanks to all the GPDD'ers for their prayers and healing wishes.  Will keep everyone posted as the results come in.

Deborah Tanovich and Popcorn the fast recoverer

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