Julie juwles at optusnet.com.au
Mon Apr 3 05:42:16 EDT 2006

Hi all,
Firstly, I wish to offer my condolences to all my piggy-loving friends
on the Digest, after so many beloved furry friends have crossed over the
Bridge, and all the sorrow that has followed.     I wish you much
comfort, love, and strength to help you through these sad times.
When I lost my 2 piggies I didn't think I would survive.    But I did, a
lot to do with the help of a new furpig by the name of Dougall.
Secondly, I've been a bit quiet lately since my last posting re
Dougall's paralysed back legs.    I've got great news for you all - he's
fine!    The vet I took him to at the after-hours emergency centre was
very willing to listen to what I told her; she properly read the
information I provided from Peter Gurney about paralysed hindlegs in
cavies - and she gave him an injection of a good dose of calcium, as
Peter Gurney suggested.  Next morning, Dougall was nearly back to
normal.   By the night after, he was just fine!     An absolutely
welcome miracle! 
Also, the mites that Dougall had have now gone.  I ended up succumbing
to the vet's advice and he has had 3 shots of ivermectin, and I had to
give him 5 days worth of antibiotics because he had very bad skin
infection.   I also gave him probiotics 1 hour after each dose of
antibiotic.       I'm pleased to say that the antibiotics didn't affect
his poos as they did my last piggy, where the poos weren't pellets
anymore, just mush.   Dougall obviously knew what he needed, cause for
about 5 days after the antibiotics he kept eating the pellets straight
off the factory line... from Angus, our other piggy.    I was thinking
of changing Dougall's name to buttboy!       He's back to normal now,
thank goodness, and eating his veges & grass like there's no tomorrow.
I was to sincerely thank all those lovely GPDDer's who wrote to offer
advice.   This Digest is a wonderful platform from which to obtain
advice, and to tell stories of our beloved pets (and .... they aren't
just guinea pigs, they are a comfort and great friends to their 2-legged
owners).   I could never not have a piggy in my life.   They are very
precious creatures.
Best wishes to all guinea piggies and their willing slaves!
Julie :-)

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