[Gpdd] Silly: Easter Piggie

Martha Coburn marthac at cogeco.ca
Mon Apr 3 12:33:11 EDT 2006

Greetings all Piggies and their Peoples


Well I got a jump on Easter this year as I'm going in for elbow surgery
tomorrow and my fridge wouldn't be complete without an Easter piggie pic. If
you liked to see Poppy all decked out for the occasion please go to: 

 http://www.coburn.ca/news_update.htm and/or
http://www.coburn.ca/Guinea%20Pig%20Mania.htm. Have a Happy Easter.


All the best,

Martha, Sally, Poppy, Holly & Miss Otis


PS. I know the piggies are talking about a Easter Egg Hunt, we'll have to
work on this, a "jelly bean" hunt would be too easy.



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