[Gpdd] Health-Vitamin C

joan fagalde momcat1000 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 3 13:17:34 EDT 2006

Yes, kale is a very good source for all kinds of minerals and vitamins as are collards and chicory.  I grow all three as well as lettuce and carrots for the Lady Bug and myself (although I can't stand chicory!)  Collards and kale are also high in potassium.  I need fairly high doses of each every day so I usually make a sausage soup (for myself not the Bugster!).  I don't give the LB each of them every day and when I do, it's usually with plenty of lettuce.  Unfortunately, vitamin and mineral content are not the same even from month to month.  Even the stuff you get in a supermarket is subject to sun, soil and the amount of food each plant receives. You can gauge freshness but not content.  I think a variety is better.  I still put vit c in the water as my little one will not touch citrus fruit.
  A good starting place that I've found is www.guinealynx.com.  They have links to other sites as well.  Hope this helps.
  Joan, slave to the Lady Bug.

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