[Gpdd] health: pink pee

Mary Fran McCluskey faststats at faststatschecks.com
Mon Apr 3 14:25:31 EDT 2006

My VistaPrint Electronic Business CardDear Everyone --

I have been so busy with taxes, I'm just popping my head up to say hi re the piggies peeing pink. I thought for sure my Brownie was dying of something terrible when I first found her peeing pink YEARS AGO! In tears I took her into the vet where she had xrays taken. She had a area in the top of the middle of her back which I really can't remember what they said it was, but said it would be good if she were spayed. But I didn't want to do that. She's fine with a huge appetite and a healthy wheeker. She runs around and eats and poops. She did have trouble with loss of hair in a stripe starting from one side of her fur then over the top of bher back and then down the other side, but since I started making the girls stretch by putting their veggies in the top of their pigloo, she seems much more agile and her hair has grown back.
So anyway I am buying her some Pampers today which I'm going to attempt to cut down into piggy-diapers so she no longer leaves her pinky mark on the carpet when she's out and about.
Cookie is distraught that her "Boule de Neige" as she calls Snowball since their trip to the French Riviera after the Royal Wedding, thinks she has been flirting with another piggy. She says it was not a rubbing of noses at all, but an "embrace" a la Francaise, rubbing on the left cheek, then the right, then the left again.
Luv to all,
--Mary Fran

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