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Mon Apr 3 20:32:57 EDT 2006

    I am the proud Guinea-grandma of a little boy named: Dudley Valentino- he 
was a purchase rescue from a pet store near us that had him in a hamster 
cage, on the floor, with bedding, no food and a dirty bowl of water. My daughter 
and her husband could not stand it and the next thing I knew I was the proud 
grandma of number three. Dudley is only about six weeks old and cute as can be. 
He is adjusting well and immediately took to the hay we put in the travel 
case. He is now in the nursery, drinking, weeking, popcorning and making health 
beans and tinkle. We are treating him for lice, but he is doing really well. A 
year ago our Riley passed over the bridge and that was devestating to our 
entire family. But, Dasiy, was brought into the family- a gift from my sister, that 
got our Guinea family started. Daisy is now a year old and doing fine- Rorie 
is our rescue baby and she is my sweetie- she was Riley's sister and we were 
really worried about her at first. It has taken a year to get back to the 
digest- passing overs still hurt, now more than ever. But we are back and I think 
our family is now complete.

Weeeks to all,
Rorie, Dasiy, Dudley &
Guinea Grandma

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