[Gpdd] [HEALTh] Popcorn's tumour

Deborah Tanovich dtanovich at sprint.ca
Wed Apr 5 19:47:40 EDT 2006

Hello to all

Received a call from the vet yesterday--IT"S NOT CANCEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
According to the pathologist, the tumour while larger than normal was benign and was removed completely.  With blessings and luck, Popcorn should live to be an old little pig.

He has a fan club at the vet's.  One of the aides called today to confirm Friday's update and was so excited to know "our Boy" is going to be fine.  Everyone at the vet's, including the vet herself, was quite excited.  You really don't have to imagine how happy I was.  We had a little dance and Popcorn got extra treats.

Many thanks to all who emailed me through the digest and privately.  I am always amazed at the generous spirit and love of this community.  I wish you all many years with your little loves.

Dancing in the den\
Deborah and Popcorn

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