[Gpdd] Announcement--Ellie has GP necklaces & pins!

DEB GANLEY debg43 at verizon.net
Wed Apr 5 20:36:05 EDT 2006

They're made of wood, about 3/4" for the necklace pig, on a cord--the pin is about an inch long--both on cards that are totally adorable, hand-done also  & perfect for gift-giving!   Ellie sent me mine on a T-shirt card with the necklace & a carrot for the pin--I just love them.  The pigtures on her site are of Molly (necklace) & Emma (pin)--she hasn't gotten the underside of Molly on there yet, you have to see the teeny feet--it's too cute!  The details are amazing & I understand that she'll take custom orders.  Check it out--meyerfamilyguineapigranch.freehomepage.com     (dang, that didn't link for me.  Sorry!)   You won't be disappointed!  Deb, Potter, Molly & Emma

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