[Gpdd] Health: Impaction?

Missy Chodoro melissachodoro at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 6 07:31:00 EDT 2006

Geez, when it rains it pours. I wrote the other day about the piggie with pink pee. Took away the carrots and the problem is gone. Last night while cleaning the cage, my other boys weiner was sticking out! I quickly learned that it wouldn't go back in. Being late at night and not having any mineral oil around, i did my best to check for debris and things like that (per the guinealyne, p.gurney webites). Wll, i did find a piece of hay around his weiner but i also found some other "stuff" that almost looks like maybe hardened poos?? I also pulled some stuff out of his bum. (Sorry for this gross detail). Put in in a warm tub of water for a bit to help out. Finally his weiner went "in". Today, i will get the mineral oil and do a more thorough job. HIs poos are little and he is not too found of his pellets at this time (which i read can happen with impactions) Any other suggestions other than putting some mineral oil in his 'areas' and trying to get as much 'stuff' out as i can?

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