[Gpdd] [BEHAVIOR]<Bedtime!>

Janneke Staaks jannekestaaks at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 7 10:00:42 EDT 2006

Ow.. getting the piggies into their cage for bedtime is a bit of a challenge 
since the winky girls are reunited. Lotje is never a problem, where the 
foodbowl is, there is lotje. I used to get yaya and suus into their cages by 
dangling a veggie in front of them. This worked so well that actually 
pulling out the veggie around bedtime would cause them to jump into their 
cage. When Guiny used to live in my house a few months back she had her own 
princess treatment. I would place the blue carriage (i.e. pigloo) in front 
of her and ask er politely if she would be so kind to step into the vehicle. 
Once she stepped in i could carry her to the cage and reward her with a 
veggie. But this silly slave thought that she would use the veggie-jump 
method for every piggy in stead of the royal-carriage-method. The first 
night this worked. But the second night I ran into trouble. Guiny wouldn't 
come out. So after pleading for 10 minutes I got the hint and offered the 
carriage. And she gave me this look "finally! You silly slave...it's hard to 
get good employement these days....". The next night, yaya wouldn't come out 
(I didn't even try the other method for guiny). So after 10 minutes or so I 
also took the carriage and lady yaya let herself be carried towards the 
cage...pfff...whoever said we were slaves was right on!!
Janneke and The winky girls, Mieke, Guiny, Lotje, Suus & Jan and Yaya

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