[Gpdd] Misc: Condolences and Congratulation

Dawnda Stricklen dawndastricklen at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 7 14:02:11 EDT 2006

Hello Everyone

I have had bronchitis that almost went into pneumonia
again since February 16. I had the same thing last
year in February. I have had to struggle to take care
of all my animals and I was a month behind on the

I was sorry to read about all the pigs that crossed
the rainbow bridge. There were way too many! I send my
deepest condolences to each and every one.

I want to congratulate everyone that has recently had
a piggy to give birth. Babies are so much fun!!

I want to welcome all the new members. This is a great
place to learn more about your guinea pigs!

I want to congratulate the three pigs who were on "pet
of the day" recently. I always check the pet of the
day. I put the picures on my desktop as a background.

The one day that I was too sick to look, my iguana got
pet of the day. It was on Saint Patrick's day. It is
Nemrod's picture with his clover pillow. He is a green
iguana from South America.

Dawnda Stricklen



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